Get Your Hands On Some Booty!

March 30, 2012 — 4 Comments

Yo ho, yo ho, a pirates life for me. A toast to jewelry and it’s many shiny gems. As a fun activity, what could be more rewarding? Create your own jewelry me hearties, yo ho!

If Captain Jack Sparrow parked his ship on the mysterious island of Los Angeles, he would shop for his jewelry at Kidd’s Jewelry Heist. This is a unique retail and interactive jewelry making parlor for the young and young at heart. The store is designed to transport you into a turn of the century passenger railroad car, here you are not only able to search for fun treasures but you’re also welcome to sit down at one of the many workstation chairs and put it all together yourself or with the help of a KJH member.

Explore treasure chests, vintage luggage and crates in search of fun, rare finds to ultimately create a one of a kind jewelry masterpiece on the spot. Discover overturned trunks and old luggage filled with jewelry; making your experience at Kidd’s Jewelry Heist a blast!

You can purchase strands or loose beads, fun chains by the inch, an assortment of charms from the charm chamber, silks, leathers, and other oddities such as real spiders in resin and buffalo teeth pendants…this may have you saying Parley!

There is quite a unique selection of sparkly crystals, gemstones, antique and colorful chains, and beads. Make one-of-a-kind jewelry to wear or share.

A buried treasure is an important part of the popular beliefs surrounding pirates and Old West outlaws. According to popular conception, criminals and others often buried their stolen fortunes in remote places, intending to return for them later, often with the use of treasure maps. In reality, pirates burying treasure was rare: the only pirate known to have buried treasure was William Kidd, who is believed to have buried at least some of his wealth on Long Island before sailing into New York. Kidd had originally been commissioned as a privateer for England, but his behavior had strayed into outright piracy, and he hoped that his treasure could serve as a bargaining chip in negotiations to avoid punishment. His bid was unsuccessful, however, and Kidd was hanged as a pirate. Thankfully, the owner of this treasure, Kelly Kidd, is alive and well today.

They also do bead bandit jewelry parties designed to suit kid’s and adults. Find your treasure island at Kidd’s Jewelry Heist “where kids create the loot!”

WHAT: Kidd’s Jewelry Heist
WHEN: Tuesday – Sunday | 11 am – 6 pm
WHERE: 1510 Mission Street | South Pasadena, CA 91030

CONTACT INFO: (626) 319-9510

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4 responses to Get Your Hands On Some Booty!


    What an amazing place! That looks like so much fun.


    Great find! Brings out the kid in all of us!

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