The Supperclub Experience

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Don’t come to supperclub if you’re in search of a traditional restaurant, have lazy taste buds or are scared of new experiences. However, if you’re looking for an unusual dinner experience in an unexpected place and are not afraid to discover the creative corners of your personality, then knock on supperclub‘s door.

An evening at supperclub is delightfully enhanced through entertainment tailored to be experimental, fun, inviting, odd and wondrous. Supperclub is living, breathing playground of experimentation for artisans of all artistic backgrounds, ensuring that local, as well as international, artists, craftsmen and performers have a stage upon which they can express themselves. Constantly creating engaging entertainment that pushes the boundaries of what art is, and where it is going, is an integral pillar of the supperclub concept. Performances can include vocalists, live musicians, cirque performers, dancers, visual artists…and you. They urge you to become a part of the experience every evening, allowing you to embrace your inner artist – or possibly your inner freak!

Expect the unexpected, and let them stimulate your senses. Entertainment at supperclub can come in short bursts as a spotlight performance, or may be taking place in a slow and unobtrusive way as an ambient piece. They urge you as their guest to pay attention, look around, and see what is occurring around you. Come join the fun at supperclub and let your senses thrive!


At supperclub they pride themselves in providing you with exceptional and memorable experiences. Food aims to equally delight and surprise the senses of taste and smell, and is a standard of the overall experience.

At supperclub they see food as art, and their culinary artisans are encouraged to create gastronomical wonders without restrictions. The result is a multi-course culinary journey shared by all guests in a single seating. Each week head Chef Guus Wickenhagen works together with his team to create a menu that incorporates international influences with locally sourced fresh ingredients. This menu is prixe-fixe, however dietary restrictions are easily accommodated and their on-staff vegan chef creates delicious meatless option for each course. Dinner is one seating per evening and by reservation only.


In an atmosphere where love, creativity and freedom rule, supperclub delivers yet another element to round out your amazing evening: their handcrafted specialty cocktails, classic local favorites, and an expertly selected wine list. Their bartenders have one mission: surprise you with unexpected combinations and refresh their spirits.

Under The Sea Dinner

Join supperclub for their beautifully themed four course dinner and live performances this month of June. Sit in luxury, wine and dine with mermaids serving you on a silver platter. Drink cocktails made for kings and queens of the sea, while enjoying the live show that will blow you away. This is a once and lifetime experience you wont want to miss.

For inquiries about the supperclub dining experience and reservations call (323) 466-1900 or

Revolution Friday

Revolution Fridays are truly insane at supperclub. This will be one crazy night with some sexy tunes to get you all moving to the beat. Come out and have a good time. The music gets you alive and gets the people moving! Great live performances, confetti flying in the air, bottle drops, awesome music, great beds to dance on and shake it. The overall vibe at supperclub is hot, they have amazing staff and service.

Saturday Night Large

Come by this SNL for a night of incredible DJ sets, amazing service, beautiful people, bottle service all night, have your bottle dropped by a half-naked girl, mingle with classy people, watch as life sabers drop from the ceiling, just over all have the time of your lives! At supperclub they give you an experience like no other club, one you wont forget. This is one of their biggest nights so bring all you friends to enjoy this awesome time.

For nightclub inquiries or table service reservations call (323) 466-1900 or

For more events and updates check the calendar here.


Artclub is an important foundation of supperclub. Promoting art in supperclub‘s white space “canvas” offers a perfect venue for exhibits. Six times a year, supperclub transforms into artclub, as an exhibition space to new and established artists. In addition to showcasing the art, it introduces ‘The view of the Artist” and explores their work in a Q&A between the artist and curator Micky Hoogen. Artclub guests discover a new way of interpreting art.

WHAT: Supperclub
WHERE: 6675 Hollywood Boulevard | Los Angeles, CA, 90028
WHEN: Click here for event schedule

CONTACT INFO: 323-466-1900 or

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