Follow Up: The Supperclub Experience

June 20, 2012 — Leave a comment

This past weekend I had the opportunity to dine at Supperclub in Hollywood. I was expecting something different and untraditional, but that doesn’t begin to explain the experience. Supperclub is truly a living, breathing playground of experimentation for artisans of all artistic backgrounds. They urge you to become a part of the experience by engaging the audience, stimulating your senses, and using the entire room as a stage, allowing you to embrace your inner artist – or possibly your inner freak!

This weeks theme was 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea. Upon arrival, we were greeted at check-in and shown to the bar for a stimulating welcome shot. We proceeded to another room for some pre-dinner entertainment and to mix and mingle with the crowd. We grabbed a cocktail and sat back to enjoy the underwater entertainment.

Soon after, a large pair of curtains opened to reveal the main room. The decor resembled an underwater scene and a mermaid greeted us. We sat down at our comfortable table/bed to enjoy a beautifully themed and tasty four course seafood dinner and watch the show.

After settling in, the host appeared with a grand entrance to announce the evenings activities. A highlight of the evening was a balancing act performance with a large ring.

The next performer emerged from the ceiling through a small opening lowered by a long, red drape.

After dinner, we stayed for the nightclub portion of the eventing. The music was hot and the entertainment continued!

If you’re looking for an unusual dinner experience in an unexpected place and are not afraid to discover the creative corners of your personality, then book your next dinner reservation at Supperclub.

WHAT: The Supperclub Experience
WHERE: Supperclub | 6675 Hollywood Boulevard | Los Angeles, CA, 90028
WHEN: Click here for event schedule

CONTACT INFO: (323) 466-1900 or


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