First Fridays At The Natural History Museum Of Los Angeles

January 28, 2013 — Leave a comment

Once a month, the entire Natural History Museum stays open until 10 pm and features live music, exciting scientific discussion, and behind-the-scenes curatorial tours. First Fridays has been an immersive program designed for audiences of all ages, bringing together a dynamic discussion with scientists on the cutting edge of their fields and musical performances by fresh and innovative artists. In recent years, the program has been hailed as Los Angeles’ “Best Intellectual Event in Disguise” (L.A. Downtown News) and “Best Museum Party Night” (Los Angeles magazine). First Fridays welcomes its audience back to the Museum they loved as kids, putting a new and exciting spin on an old favorite.


One hundred years is a long time, especially in science. A hundred years ago, we had not confirmed Einstein’s theory of relativity, discovered quantum physics, realized that the universe was born in a Big Bang, knew that continents drifted due to plate tectonics, or understood that DNA was the genetic building block. Heavier-than-air flight was only 10 years old then and space flight was more than 40 years away. We were closer to the American Civil War than to the personal computer. First Fridays gets in on the Natural History Museum birthday bash by taking a look at the greatest discoveries of the past 100 years in physics, astronomy, biology, chemistry, medicine, and technology – and what we can expect in the next 100 years.


LA’s William Bensussen, aka The Gaslamp Killer, is many things at once. The San Diego native is a bonafide one-off; an artist and human being that can never be repeated. With an unparalleled energy, the DJ, producer, promoter and curator brings a different level of performance and showmanship to electronic music.


WHAT: First Friday At The Natural History Museum
WHEN: February 1, 2013 | 5:30 pm
900 Exposition Boulevard | Los Angeles, CA 90007

DETAILS: Tickets $18

CONTACT INFO: (213) 763-3466

SOCIAL MEDIA: Facebook | Twitter | Yelp

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