Mr. Events

Alexis has lived in Los Angeles for over a decade and has experienced a great deal of what the city has to offer. During this time he has worked in a number of social settings from television to restaurants and night clubs and has amassed a large number of friends and colleagues and created an extensive social network. These connections, combined with his charisma and passion for adventure, have allowed him to experience Los Angeles at its finest and have fueled his passion and solidified his expertise in the events department.

He has now become an event guru and friends and colleagues often contact him for information and recommendations on things to do and see in Los Angeles. The purpose of this blog is to provide all that event information and knowledge to his busy and eager audience. That is how he became Mr. Events and how was conceived.


18 responses to Mr. Events

    SoCal RoxStar March 2, 2014 at 2:44 am

    Hello Mr. Events,
    Where can I get vendor information for your events?
    Love your page, and thank you for the “like” on instagram
    -SoCal RoxStar


      Hello and thank you for visiting! I suggest contacting each venue individually for information. There should be a hyperlink to each venue on every article. Good luck 🙂


    Love your website


    In this electronic media era,this is just a must visit website.I am in SD and I always
    am in need to check what’s going on in LA before arriving there!Great Idea !!
    Te deseo mucho exito!!


      Thank you for visiting! Happy to help you find great things to do and see in LA for when you come visit. Check back often, we’ll have our official website out soon which will make xploring easier and more fun!


    Hi there,great idea and it will become a must seeing web site every time I plan to visit LA. Finally a professional calendar of events ,since there is always so many
    things going on in LA. LP!!


    Hi there, nice site! I will certainly bookmark it. I’ve also been in LA for about a decade and am always looking for fun events and parties. Thank you for the “like” on my Small Business Expo profile. Perhaps I will run into you there. Have a nice rest of your week!
    Keystone Investigative Services


    I am in Hanoi, Vietnam and am admiering your blog. Well done!
    Talk to you soon, I am leaving in three days LM


    So, um, did you make it to the top of the Building?


    Thanks for visiting! I’m happy to help and be a part of the solution. I am a fan and will be a participating member of the Virurl community. Good to meet you as well and all the best.


    This blog is rad, it is definitely going under my bookmarks!!! My friends and I will never sit around bored again. Great meeting you last night at @crowdfunder ‘s launch. Hope you have created your account, so you can get paid for all that content sharing.


    It is our picture!
    Great! The photos make all the difference. Good job.

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