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Enter a new world where everything is. The visual is vertical but the experience is horizontal. Inhibitions are checked at the door and prejudice is a distant memory. SEVEN.


The audience becomes the performer and the performer becomes the spectator. Or vice versa. When the line between good and bad is blurred, where will you stand…or lay. SEVEN.

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Seating at Supperclub Hollywood

  • ENVY: Reserved for individuals who want to be closest to the action and to make the other guests resentful. Make everyone green… 
  • LUST: Reserved for individuals with an intense desire for pleasure. Close to the action, but hidden from view so you can touch, tease or tickle. 
  • GLUTTONY: Reserved for individuals with a voracious appetite. Close to the stage so you can over-indulge your senses in this cozy little cot.
  • GREED: Reserved for insatiable guests. This highly coveted table will be perched above the stage in seats that partially obstruct the view from other sections, just how you like it!
  • SLOTH: Reserved for unapologetically lazy individuals, this table has a partially obstructed view of the stage but is located adjacent to the bar. Use this dark, cozy corner to your advantage but, if it’s too much work, don’t!
  • PRIDE: Reserved for dignified guests whose egos won’t fit in any other section. This table has a partially obstructed view of the stage but who cares? The focus should be on you anyway!
  • WRATH: Reserved individuals who would prefer to stand rather than sit at tables or lay in beds. This section also has a partially obstructed view of the stage but this just fuels your anger. Purchase tickets here so you can hate on everyone comfortable at their reserved seats. 

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WHAT: Seven, A Pole Dance Experience 
WHEN: Wednesday, November 13, 2013 | 7:00 pm
WHERE: Supperclub | 6675 Hollywood Blvd. | Los Angeles, CA 90028



  • Nick: or (310) 926-6596 
  • Miguel: or (213) 605-0035

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Forget what you know about clowns; this venue is not your typical family friendly clown show.  It has been described as Suicide Girls meets Cirque Du Soleil.

So, here’s the deal: Jumbo’s Clown Room is not a strip club. It’s not a bikini bar, go-go club, or a burlesque club either. You won’t find cookie-cutter “strippers” here. Most are classically trained dancers with tats, piercings, whip-smarts, and silver tongues. Not girls you want to take home to mom but girls you want to take home to dad.

Get yourself a stiff drink and some singles – always a generous pour, and another reason why it’s not called Stingy’s Clown Room.  The music is mainly 80’s hits and rock music. There’s no skeazy DJ here. Lap dances are available, it’s just not something that’s openly talked about. Just talk to the dancer you want one with and you two can work out the details.

Jumbo’s hasn’t always been what it is today, but over the years enough has gone down for it to be known as Hollywood’s most notorious pole dancing clubTalk to people, or just look it up on your own if you wanna hear of the rockstars, the hipsters or whatever cool kids who stopped by over the years.

Looking for a new adventure for Valentine’s Day this year, why not celebrate Jumbo’s style! Jumbo’s is a pole dancing club fondly described as “Cheers with tits.” This place truly does give new meaning to clowning around.

WHAT: Jumbo’s Clown Room
WHEN: 4 pm – 2 am every day
WHERE: 5153 Hollywood Blvd | Los Angeles, CA 90027

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